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glock-holster-2nrev2Criminals Beware! A new “Secret” Glock Holster is out that stops criminals “Dead” in their tracks.

The Bedside Defender Holster for your Glock slips between your mattress and box spring and gives you instant access to your Glock in the event of a home invasion or burglary.

It’s no news that crime is up, and home invasions and burglaries are on the rise. A criminal that breaks into a residence at night is expecting a confrontation of some kind.

Home invaders will employ techniques like speed, surprise and violence, and will use all of these techniques to overwhelm, and instill fear in their victims. Most often this will occur during the first 60 seconds, as they’ll be looking to counter any threat you might provide.

If you have a home invasion or other emergency when you need your Ruger LCP, you literally might have seconds to respond.” Would an extra 2, 5, or even 10 seconds possibly save your life or one of your family?


The “Secret“ of the Bedside Defender Glock Holster is in its simple, but ingenious design. The Bedside Defender Glock Holster fits on any side of any bed, and when not in use it can literally hide in plain site. There is no need to remove the Bedside Defender to make the bed either.

In Addition to your Glock, the Bedside Defender Holster fits every handgun in existence, automatic or revolver, from a .22 Caliber up to a .50 Caliber. It fits them all!


What Buyers Are Saying About The Glock Holster

“As a U.S. Marine, I know every second counts.  This product is "Marine Approved" in my mind!
Will be highly recommended to my friends."  - Aaron S. New Jersey
The Bedside Defender is just exactly what I wanted. It keeps my firearm very handy, out of the way and out of sight. I hope I never need it but if I do it's right there in easy reach.
It's been nice doing business with you. Bert W.
“After using it both at home and at hotels on recent business trips, I AM SOLD. The Bedside Defender keeps my firearm within a second's reach should need arise.  It stays securely between the mattress and box-spring and is easy to use. All I have to do is reach down and grip my firearm.
The Bedside Defender is a great product for home defense.” Bill D., North Carolina.
“Great new product. Works great. Keeps gun at the ready.” Carol F.



Right handed? Left Handed? Not a Problem, the Bedside Defender holster for your Glock fits on any side of any bed, and when not in use the Bedside Defender literally hides in plain site.

The Bedside Defender Glock Holster gives you instant access to your Glock when “Seconds Count” during a burglary or home invasion. The Bedside Defender gives you “piece of mind” knowing you can deal with any emergency quickly.


Glock Not Enough? Need to store more firepower on your bedside holster? Get TWO Bedside Defenders and put your favorite 12 Gauge or AR at your ready. You can also use your Bedside Defender at your favorite sofa or chair or travelling. The possibilities are endless.

The Bedside Defender Glock Holster gives YOU the advantage when seconds count.



Were ready to ship your Bedside Defender Glock Holster straight to your doorstep for less than ¼ the cost of a single box of ammo! You?ll be armed with the most advanced Bedside Defender Glock Holster available, fully prepared to protect your home, and those who depend on you for their safety!

Seconds Count. Don?t risk your family?s safety for less than a box of ammo!






Glock Holster | The Bedside Defender Holster for your Glock

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